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ABOUT US Rockabye is first and foremost the designer of the cutest and highest quality rockers in the world! Our high-quality baby rockers are manufactured und...

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Rockabye Overview


Rockabye is first and foremost the designer of the cutest and highest quality rockers in the world!

Our high-quality baby rockers are manufactured under the highest standards in the USA.

Who we are?

Designer of those CUTEST and HIGHEST QUALITY rockers in the world!

We Create rockers and just rockers since we would like to be the ideal. We don't want to be like so many others who make so many diverse types of products rather than master any of these.

We're also the Only American made* rocker business. We feel that controlling our manufacturing and inspection in our factory is the only means to insure that our quality is beyond compare.

We want to be sure that the rocker you receive is perfect when it comes from this box**.

It Costs a bit more but if your little one gets their Rockabye rocker and you also see the initial hand, we expect you'll agree that it is well worth the extra cash and the excess effort that goes into every rocker we earn.

Quality Is extremely important to us but creativity is your guiding principle of the company. Our teams of designers and quality managers work side by side until we are satisfied that we've created not only the very unique rockers, but rockers that exude a whimsical appeal that sets us apart in a market full of the normal.

*Notice That our factory does not do major sewing so that we import the cloth skins but the rest of the rocker is produced, constructed, inspected and packaged right here in our firm owned U.S. mill.

** When you receive your rocker please be sure to inspect it to make sure it was not damaged in shipment.

If there’s a defective issue irrelevant to transport, contact Rockabye immediately and we will exchange it for the identical style or for some of our other styles at that same price. Rockabye doesn't accept returns from our customers so please inspect your rocker immediately when upon arrival.



As a Parent, you would like to give your baby all of the enjoyment that you can in an enjoyable and secure atmosphere. Supplying them with toys that not only stimulate their growth and development but provides them hours of amusement, can deliver untold pleasure to any parent. This type of toy that offers these benefits are located in plush rocking horses for babies.

This Entertaining toy is more safe and durable for infants and toddlers and certainly will excite their imaginations for hours while supplying them with relaxing and soothing motions. Plush rocking horses are a favorite not only with babies but with grandparents and parents for several decades. Babies and toddlers love the simple layout and soft feel of plush rocking horses and this not only helps them build motor capabilities but also helps with tactile development too.

Your Infant or toddler has a feeling of adventure and an imagination that's growing and developing. By supplying them with a safe and fun way to express them, you are helping them to grow into healthy children. They are going to have hours of playtime pleasure.

Plush Rocking horses come in all types and types and may provide hours of entertainment for little ones. The seat on the luxurious rocking horses was created in such a way as to offer safe mounting and stability in order for your infant or toddler will not fall off. These built-in safety features are exactly what gives parents the peace of mind in purchasing this thing for their babies. They don't need to fret about their infant or toddler injuring them with this toy. They can also have the reassurance there aren't any sharp edges to worry about as the toy is soft and plush to the touch making it a nice experience for your infant.

The Various animal designs are developed to stimulate visual appeal to infants and toddlers and assist them to distinguish shapes, patterns, and colors. Not only is it a fun and safe way for the baby to be amused but it may also be an educational tool to assist your baby recognize animal shapes and attributes.

Rockers Parents do not have to be concerned about the plan of the toy since it's built to provide safe play and built with infants and toddlers in mind. There are security features built into the toy that do not harm babies or babies and it is perhaps one of the strongest toys available on the market.

There Many parents and grandparents are often conscious of some attributes regarding toys which aren't safe for their infant to play . By buying a luxurious rocking horse, parents and grandparents alike can rest assured that they have spent in a safe and durable product for their baby which will not hurt them.

As a parent, it can be difficult in selecting toys available on the market for your little ones. You have many things to consider regarding safety and durability.


Our luxurious, high-quality baby Rockers are created, developed and manufactured under the greatest standards of craftsmanship and style in our factory in Phoenix, Arizona*.

In The past we've made our plush rocking horse rockers in China as with other rocker businesses but after experiencing many excellent problems we moved production to our own U.S. mill to assure that our clients get the highest quality product when they buy Rockabye rockers.

We Start with the highest quality American walnut hardwoods and cut, sand and finish all the parts at our U.S. factory. We build the final American hardwood pieces, stuff the pre-sewn fabric coverings* and package it in our factory in Phoenix.

*Note our factory doesn't do major stitching so that we import the cloth skins.


We Urge 1, 2 and 3 year olds but ages 9 months and up may appreciate Rockabye rockers with Mother or Dad's support. We often hear about 4 year olds who have a hard time giving up their Rockabye rockers -- and provided that the riders are below 80 lbs the rockers will continue to encourage them (Notice that Rockabye rockers are safety-tested around 80 pounds).

The entire chair is approximately 10 inches away from the floor.


Just Like the children we look them for; each of our rockers has its own special style and character that make them unlike anything else available on the market. Our designs are so unique we have Patents and Copyrights to protect the customer from such copycats - but all the factories and firms flatter us with their attempts to replicate our products.


We have gone to considerable lengths to provide the best quality music for your son or daughter. Each rocker contains four educational tunes, composed composed and performed with Rockabye:

1. An ABC tune that teaches the entire alphabet

2. A 1,2,3 song that educates 1 through 10

3. A Colours of the rainbow song that educates all of the colors

4. A fun song called "I Love to Rock"

Notice that, Look for The Velcro-sealed pouch (usually on the creature's neck) where the battery box and on/off change is situated. Three AA batteries are included and can be substituted here if they get played out.

Click to Play 5 songs. You can switch songs by clicking the previous and next arrows, and also you have A volume controller.


Rockabye Reviews

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