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Lehman Coupons We're a strong handshake and a supporting hand. Family owned and operated since 1955, Lehman's is here to allow you to live a simpler...

Lehman's Hardware & Appliance
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$10 Off Orders of $75 or More at Lehman's! Use Code LEHTEND1812. Offer Valid 11/...

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Lehman's Hardware & Appliance
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Lehman's Hardware & Appliance
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Lehman's Hardware & Appliance
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10% Off Orders of $75 or More at Lehman's! Use Code LEHTENP1812. Offer Valid 11/...

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Lehman's Hardware & Appliance
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Black Friday � Free Shipping on Orders of $55 or More at Lehman's! Use Code BF...

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Lehman's Hardware & Appliance Overview

Lehman Coupons

We're a strong handshake and a supporting hand. Family owned and operated since 1955, Lehman's is here to allow you to live a simpler life. City or country, urban or rural, we can help you construct a better future, one that values personal connections,, ethics and tradition.

You will find us at the heart of Ohio's Amish Country in our Kidron shop, where our story began. For our friends that are far away, our print catalog and site give you access to hundreds of functional products, from planting and maintaining to off-grid living.

Think Of us as your portal into the past.

Did you know . . .?

 Jay Lehman was the only employee in 1955.

  • Our products have been featured in two of high profile Hollywood productions, like The Gangs of New York, Cold Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
  • We've shipped our products to over 85 countries.
  • We've got over 300 sellers within 45 miles of our store.
  • Northeast Ohio has the largest population of Amish in the country, not Lancaster, PA...
  • Lehman's was begun to serve the regional Amish. Now, you might find that several of our vendors are Amish craftsmen.
  • Our customer representatives are trained in a variety of skills from using oil lamps to installing pumps. Don't know what specialty part you require for your Aladdin lamp or water pump? Tell us what the issue is, and we can help. Just ask!
  • We stand with our sellers and employees to bring our customers A Simpler Life.


You will sense the satisfaction and gratification it brings because you slow down and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Simpler products with honest ingredients are simpler to understand. Quality tools bring delight to a creative work. Simpler values are renewable so you are prepared for challenges. And, it's all undergirded by Strong relationships with partners, community and kin. Living A Simpler Life means being dedicated to four main principles.

A SIMPLER LIFE IS SATISFYING: our souls yearn to get a completed project and an "I left it with my hands" feeling of achievement. Living a lively, active, engaged life fulfills our most fundamental needs.

Our own lives are shaped by conscious conclusions. Pick the route that offers the best sense of satisfaction! Sure, it might mean sacrificing some efficacy. But, by choosing fulfillment rather than a mindless search for speed, we find significance. Try turning off your little screen planet, and engage with the world around you. You will discover that active involvement is deeply satisfying.

In Lehman's, we're Part of the world's largest Amish community. We see them make conscious choices every day To Get A Simpler Life. Rather than jumping impulsively into the brand new thing, they return and weigh the results. For example, most use a horse and buggy instead of cars for daily transport. Buggy rides allow time for conversation. Leaving home is a thoughtful process which begins with phoning the horse and ends 10 minutes afterwards with buckling up the harness, so it promotes thoughtful decisions. Horse-drawn transportation is gentler on the environment, also.

Of course, most of us are not prepared to exchange our gas-burning cars for exactly what the Amish like to call "hay burners." But, even a few tiny measures For a Simpler Life can make a huge improvement to the quality of our own lives.

  • Take time for conversation
  • Invest in friendship
  • Allow enough time for household chores so you can enjoy the activity

Over and over, I find that the most meaningful rewards spring from Good tools actively used. By reaching for the handsaw instead of the electric saw, I receive a satisfying surge of endorphins! Using a scythe rather than a string trimmer signifies I come in the house smelling of fresh sweat and considering bird song (instead of stinking of burnt two-cycle oil and together with my ears ringing from motor noise).

A Simpler Life assists Encourage engagement, and involvement offers satisfaction. You have a decision. From time to time, the greater option demands a little more time or a bit more effort. But it's worthwhile. Few things are more rewarding and meaningful than saying, "I did it"


Since 1955, we have offered easy products that just do the job. It has always been that easy.

  • We appreciate locally made and USA made goods
  • We honor the past and respect heritage
  • We market low-tech items in a high-tech world
  • We carry that which others do not
  • We inventory non-electrical products that are dependable and reliable
  • We stand together with our vendors and workers to bring our clients A Simpler Life.


Our Family believes we ought to only carry products that we had plunk down our own hard-earned cash. That's why it's important for us that you are totally satisfied with our services and products.

With Our satisfaction guarantee, you can be certain that if your purchase is not what you anticipated or our goods are not satisfactory, you can go back for a refund, credit or replacement. It is that simple.

Need to create a return? Please call us in 1-800-438-5346.

Life, Death and Lehmans Coupons

To beautify your house, just select the site for a wide range where gifts are specially made to raise the worth of your house, and the rates are rewarding the goods. One means would be to follow your favourite stores on social networking programs. About 35 vouchers and deals have been put to use in the preceding week. These lehman's finest coupon and offers are often updated by our curators to make sure that you have the perfect range of options! So in case you have a code that you need to share with other people, we allow you to do so in just a couple clicks. Excellent discount codes and offers from Lehmans can make you save a great deal, do not hesitate anymore!

You will discover wholesome lunch choices and delicious desserts which are all made from scratch. Now you have the choice of availing even additional discounts on online Lehman's products to secure one of the cheapest price possible with our Lehmans coupons. Grab the opportunity for a tremendous saving before it's gone. In nearly all instances you must bring the acceptable thing to relish the advantages that arrive with LEHMANS coupon codes. It's an incredible deal if you know that you are going to be buying different things since you can make use of these incentives to spend less on your next purchases, Shelton clarified. order from  RETN Deals for Lehman products and get additional cashback along with the cashback from Lehman's store.

The investor doesn't have to be worried about insolvency. Investors lose the full investment. However, they continue to be on the secondary bond marketplace. Other commodities aren't preferred also. The decline in America dollar partially accounts for its dramatic rises in the cost of commodities like gold and oil that are priced in U.S. dollars. You are able to actually save on what you buy on a daily basis The key to save on the internet shop isn't to look for the cheapest item, yet to earn good utilization of LEHMANS coupon codes.

The Borax and Washing Soda are great to improve your routine detergent for additional cleaning. Detergent can be saved in a liquid detergent bottle. You are able to set this to use in HE washers.

The usa only saw the conclusion of World War 1 and was likely to enter in the Great Depression. There's so much to see and do, Wayne County is a spot you'll certainly need a couple of days to explore! During the time you are relaxing, you will also wish to check out each the particular purchasing Wayne County has to offer you. When you cease in to discover the area where you could make your very own personalized tags for your jar that you're purchasing. Consider your environment before investing in those systems to be able to purchase the one which is most likely in accordance with the region where you live. It was really an excellent house.

Our business was founded to supply a distinctive and extensive experience to people of Wall Street. The company is owned by the household and it's running since 1955, the business helps individuals to live a handy life. No more do you call up the company or restaurant you would like to see to see whether they've obtained any deals or promotions.

For over 40 decades, the clients are supplied with a brilliant and enormous group of fabulous presents at marvellous prices. The goods can also be extended an excess saving and special promotional offers to the customers to find the leverage of further savings. Using their Lehmans Coupons, you are able to conveniently purchase their merchandise at the affordable rates.

The site was launched in 2001 and since then, it's been striving hard to develop into a premier shopping destination on the internet for those clients who bring for premium excellent items jointly with unprecedented economies. It is possible for you to navigate their site to locate the products ideal for your house and garden. We have created this excellent website to assist you save on nearly all you purchase online. The purchase has to be finished in 1 session. Each time you make purchases in lehmans, you are going to see all sorts of excellent deals, discounts and exclusive offers. In our site, you don't will have to pay complete cost on your favourite items, you only need to click on the deal or code at Lehmans, then you are ready to procure a reduced price.

Life, Death and Lehmans Coupons

If you're planing a visit to Ohio's Amish Country, make certain to find out more about what Wayne County can offer. However it happens, while it's for 3 months or for the very long haul, we want to understand how to function differently than we do at this moment. In the world nowadays, everyone would love to save what they could. Obviously, the entire world isn't the exact same place today.

Lehman's Hardware & Appliance Reviews

Lehman's Hardware & Appliance has been reviewed by several consumers who have availed their offers and discounts. Read genuine reviews and testimonials only from certified customers. These reviews help you build a quick opinion about Lehman's Hardware & Appliance. For a limited period, RETN Deals is rewarding verified reviewers with a cash reward of Rs. 10. You can review a maximum of 10 Stores in one day. Your reviews will be verified and approved within 24 hours and your cash reward added to your RETN Wallet.

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