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ABOUT US At Chicago Steak Company, we welcome you to taste custom. Since 1865 with the establishing of the Union Stock Yards, Chicago has been at the core of fant...

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Chicago Steak Company Overview

At Chicago Steak Company, we welcome you to taste custom. Since 1865 with the establishing of the Union Stock Yards, Chicago has been at the core of fantastic American meats. Chicago Steak Company gladly carries on that convention. We work close by cut, Mid-West raised, USDA Prime hamburger - so, the plain best steaks your cash can purchase. We raise, trim, and age our steaks utilizing hundreds of years old methods, at that point vacuum-seal each separately, securing flavor and freshness.
When you nibble into a Chicago Steak Company steak, you're tasting quality that returns ages. Our accomplice, Meats by Linz, has characterized magnificence in steaks since 1963. Meats by Linz began as a little, family-run butcher shop, and started with organizer Martin Linz's duty to the most noteworthy quality hamburger, butchered utilizing old-world, high quality systems. Over 50 years after the fact, Meats by Linz keeps on regarding that convention under the cautious watch of Martin's grandson, Fred Linz.
You will taste our duty to custom in each Chicago Steak Company steak. Through our association, Chicago Steak Company serves just the best American meat. Our steaks are sourced only from Mid-West raised legacy cows, giving our steaks the prized delicacy, marbling, and flavor that can just originate from prevalent developing conditions and bloodlines.
Our steaks are then matured for four to a month and a half to build up the many-sided quality of flavor requested by 5-star eateries, steakhouses, and observing steak darlings. We offer wet-matured and dry-matured steaks - as per your tastes - utilizing maturing methods that return ages. With the biggest Dry Aging Facility in the Mid-West we have made an exceptional flavor profile that is second to none and we are the pioneer in Dry Aging Beef across the nation. Our steaks are trimmed by Linz butchers the way out forefathers would have done it, hand-cut with master exactness to expel additional tissue and fat. The outcome is an extraordinarily delicate and tasty steak, nibble after bulky chomp.
Chicago Steak Company is committed to presenting to you the specific best in hamburger, which is the reason we work in Dry Aged USDA Prime steaks. With our best in class Dry Aging room we craftsman age every steak up to a month and a half for a vigorous, nutty, season profile. USDA Prime is the most noteworthy review granted by the USDA to hamburger, representing just the best 2% of all meat raised by American farmers. Our company likewise offers Upper 1/3 USDA Choice meat. These are steaks that have quite recently missed the cut-off point for USDA Prime, and convey similar quality at a lower cost. Nothing, be that as it may, very matches the delicacy and kind of USDA Prime meat.
The USDA Prime shield signals unrivaled marbling, delicacy, and flavor. Bounteous marbling is the trademark of a USDA Prime steak. Marbling - the thin white dashes of fat that "marble" an awesome bit of meat - is viewed as the best indication of a quality steak. As an all around marbled steak cooks, its fat melts, covering your steak in rich, burly flavor. This is the reason 5-star eateries and resorts go to such awesome lengths to only serve USDA Prime steaks.
Some different wholesalers dismiss USDA evaluating for their own particular and in-house" reviewing frameworks. As a rule, this is their method for going off lower-quality steaks while rounding up USDA Prime costs. At Chicago Steak Company, we encourage shoppers to dependably search for the USDA shield, guaranteeing the nature of your buy.
The Ultimate Steak Experience With our commitment to outstanding steak, Chicago Steak Company guarantees The Ultimate Steak Experience. Our steaks are extraordinary for any event. They effortlessness the tables of honor winning eateries, make extraordinary presents for family, companions, and associates, and make a flavorful focal point to any lawn picnic.
Our steaks were named an "unquestionable requirement have" extravagance thing by Discovery's Catch It, Keep It. In March of 2015, we clashed against seven of our best rivals, at the debut Great Steak Debate, facilitated at America Cut steakhouse in Manhattan. Our steaks were granted the People's Choice Award, with Business Insider calling our steak, "the discussion of the gathering.
We are likewise committed to instructing individuals about what makes an incredible steak. At Steak University, we distribute recordings and articles on cooking strategies, share steakhouse-style formulas, and profile the specific best steakhouses crosswise over America in our steakhouse audits segment. Regardless of whether you cherish succulent dry-matured ribeyes, the rich kind of USDA Prime tenderloin, or the dissolve as far as you can tell of Kobe-style Wagyu meat, our responsibility to custom and the world's best hamburger influences enjoying The Ultimate Steak To encounter simpler than at any other time.

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