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Alibris is an online shop that sells new books, used books, out-of-print books, rare books, and other websites through an online network of independent bookseller...

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Alibris Overview

Alibris is an online shop that sells new books, used books, out-of-print books, rare books, and other websites through an online network of independent booksellers.
Richard Weatherford is a bookseller who loves old books and new technologies. After teaching faculty for a number of years, Dick turned to selling antiquarian books via specialized catalogs from his home near Seattle. He soon realized that computer databases needed a lot to offer the antiquarian book business. He called the company Interloc because it would serve as an interlocutor (that is English professor for"go-between") to assist sellers to find hard-to-find books. Unfortunately startup funds was tougher to locate than a signed JD Salinger, in part because private computers were scarce, expensive, and difficult to connect.
In 1991, Dick was hired by Faxon, a magazine and book subscription service company, to salvage BookQuest, an early online database for antiquarian booksellers. BookQuest failed, but it taught Dick a lot and it revived the idea of Interloc. Because computer usage was growing exponentially, the idea seemed timely and Dick was able to raise almost $50,000, largely from booksellers who respected his vision and thinking. Interloc went live in 1993, before the widespread use of the global web.
The first successful online bookseller service
Initially, Interloc was a database for professional booksellers only. It was not available to the public. The information standard that Tom developed for Record Manager, known as UIEE, is still in widespread use now. Interloc enabled sellers to transfer files of publication listings over modems using DOS-based computers. Interloc constructed the initial system to match requests, or"wants" from customers with books available for sale. It was a pioneering system, and the small business became the first successful online support for booksellers.
A global vision from traveling the backroads
Back in 1997, Marty Manley asked an author friend how to find a copy of her book, which was out-of-print. Manley had what could politely be termed a nonstandard resume: among other matters, he was a machinist and a leader of several labor unions, a McKinsey & Co. management adviser, a sought-after turnaround pro, and Assistant Secretary of Labor for Bill Clinton. Over dinner, the author suggested that Marty use Interloc to monitor a copy of her novel. Marty found that the book and was immediately hooked on Interloc's loaded content. He sought out Richard Weatherford and was soon introduced to him in an office on top of San Francisco's greatest skyscraper.
Marty and Dick discussed how Interloc could grow to be a company that will deliver the developing ability of e-commerce to separate booksellers while providing extraordinary selection to companies and book fans. They spent three months traveling and meeting with booksellers across the US to learn what was working and not working together with the emerging world of online bookselling. By the end of those journeys, they had determined to create a new business from Interloc.
Thus Alibris was born. Marty started the new company in California, where the very first workers came to work in his house.
Another approach to Internet bookselling
From the Start, Alibris attracted several new approaches to online bookselling:
A partnership with separate, professional vendors. Marty and Dick determined early on this Alibris would be an at-risk partner, not a list services. This strategy attracted a large number of independent vendors and now empowers Alibris to provide more than 150 million books available.
Supply marketplace selection to retail business partners. Alibris was determined to help different retailers deliver the vast selection of its seller community to their faithful clients, and thereby enable professional booksellers to reach business and library clients, not just consumers. Interloc had learned this lesson early by serving as the primary provider of out-of-print books to neighboring Amazon.com. Many small business customers demanded orders to be consolidated, repackaged, custom invoiced, or shipped overseas at low price. By building sophisticated low-cost logistics capabilities from the beginning, Alibris would serve those clients and booksellers could appreciate the benefit of increased sales.
Superior marketplace intelligence. Since Alibris naturally collects a great deal of information about book buying and selling, the company came to be able to offer both clients and vendors essential market info. Now, Alibris understands which books sell and at what cost. Alibris helps sellers continually upgrade prices and makes sure that company customers get data for hard-to-find and used books which are like new.
A great spot for talented people to work. From the start, Alibris functioned to attract and motivate talented individuals by encouraging initiative, respecting differences, and rewarding professionalism and results.
Alibris now
Today, Alibris is a lively marketplace operating in the three fastest-growing regions of the global media business: online revenue, textbook rentals, and used/out-of-print books, music, and films.
Many, many individuals have produced the Alibris journey potential. Alibris thrives thanks to the loyalty of millions of retail and business customers and an incredibly competent and dedicated business, technical, and service employees. Alibris proceeds to benefit from seasoned investors that stood by the company in good times and bad.
But the most exciting part of the Alibris story is still being written by our clients, vendors, employees, and investors. It's a narrative that will feature growth of these services we offer our sellers, overseas growth, a vibrant movie, and music business, new forms of publication buying and leasing (for example, students leasing textbooks), and new sorts of sellers who help Alibris connect people who enjoy books, music, and videos using independent sellers from around the world.

Alibris Reviews

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