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About  us Company of busy, creative, contemporary men and women. We like to devise, develop and execute useful things for individuals:-RRB- In only 3 decade...

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Letyshops Lifetime Overview

About  us

Company of busy, creative, contemporary men and women. We like to devise, develop and execute useful things for individuals:-RRB- In only 3 decades, the tiny idea has developed into a significant project, which we're proud of. Our partners are over 1,200 national and overseas online shops. Already 6 000 000 clients save online shopping with our services. The background of Letyshops started with 7 individuals, and now it's a sizable group of like-minded individuals with over 150 workers. With every passing day, new promising exemptions seem in Letyshops: we are searching for glowing minds. We are in need of those that are prepared to grow and grow with us. The major thing in our job is a friendly and comfortable setting, in which you would like to produce and reach common objectives. Office - the 2nd comfy home, in which they walk in slippers, Collectively they have lunch and breakfast to get cheerful conversations, enhance and move into sports, learn English, unwind and traveling. All this motivates to produce an excellent product with intriguing chips. And official job and adequate wages allow each worker not to be concerned about anything and immerse themselves in the job procedure along with all the ideas. LetyShops is altering the potential of online shopping now. Join now!

More advantages from shopping online!

Purchase Goods and services on your favourite shops. Obtain apart of the cash spent back on the lender card or telephone bill.

How LetyShops functions

  1. Select a store: Proceed to one of over 1000 shops
  2. Create a buy: Purchase goods and services as normal
  3. Get a cacheback
  4. Don't overlook your cashback - set up the browser expansion

Activate the cashback directly at the shop, without visiting the LetyShops site. The extension will notify you concerning the activation position.

Why do we pay money?

Rather than spending on advertisements, stores pay us money to attract users.

Most of the money we provide to you. This is cashback! Therefore, the store receives customers, we - its own commission, and you - the opportunity to buy with profit and pleasure.

Loyalty program for routine users

We love our users and feel that this is serious and to get a Long moment. We expect for reciprocity and are ready to promote it:-RRB-

Each cashback brings you Closer to a new position.

Above status - higher cashback rate in most stores. Forever!

Do not be afraid to withdraw money - that won't lower your status. He will continue to grow along with the amount of cashback accumulated for all time.

Loyalty Application consists of three degrees:

  • "LetyBronze" - accumulated 500+ rubles: + 10% to the base rate of the cashback
  • "LetySilver" - gathered 3000+ rubles: + 20% to the bottom rate of cashback
  • "LetyGold" - gathered 10000+ rubles: + 30% of the bottom rate of the cashback

Note! Activated Lety codes and Premium accounts aren't added to the present status. There is always 1 thing that gives you a larger cashback.

Purchase With pleasure and advantage!

Referral program

General principles of this referral program:

  • It's strictly prohibited to send SPAM (in personal messages of social networks, in groups and communities of partner shops, in e-mail-lists, etc.) to attract users.
  • Care: some mention of the title of Lamoda in promotional materials, messages from the Lamoda category or privately messages to Lamod readers is strictly prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to use contextual advertisements to attract referrals.
  • Strictly prohibiting any creation of mobile applications, extensions and classes in social networks on behalf of the support and utilizing the logo LetyShops. This also applies to drawing pages from the LetyShops website inside software.
  • Strictly prohibited to use the brand name LetyShops and partner shops in the domain names of sites created to pull traffic within the PP.

Shopping Policy with Cash Back

In order for the cashback to be successfully credited, please Follow the basic principles for purchases with a cashback:

Rather advice compared to rule:-RRB-

Install the expansion to your browser. It will remind one of this cashback when making purchases and will tell you whether the cashback was successfully activated.

Some extensions can overwrite partner links and assign the entire cacheback. Specifically, we discovered such extensions: Adblock, friGate CDN, Aliexpress Seller Check, in addition to VPN / Proxy / Socks extensions along with many others. If at all possible, disable all third-party extensions from the browser where you make purchases using a cashback.

Purchase at one browser session: Make a buy immediately after switching From LetyShops.com. In the event that you went to the store's site, added / removed goods from the shopping cart, closed the site, returned an hour later and completed the purchase, there's a fantastic chance that the cashback will not be credited. And in order not to lose the goods you like, you can add it to"My fantasies" or"Favorites". You can add the item to the cart just after shifting out of LetyShops.

Order just online: When ordering by telephone or with the help of A store adviser throughout the purchase process, the cashback is not billed. At exactly the exact same time, you may pick any system of payment and shipping available in the store.

Use promotional codes and bonuses only from LetyShops: When using promotional codes, coupons, Discounts, bonus points and accumulative programs which aren't available on our site, or when paying using a card with a cashback purpose or a bonus program of this lender, the cashback may not be credited. When ordering on AliExpress price adjustment by the seller or person discount may also cause the reduction of cashback.

Cashback is accrued on the actually paid value of the goods: Most shops provide compensation for your really paid cost of these goods - excluding the cost of delivery; after deduction of utilized discounts, coupons, promotional codes, bonus points, funds from the internal balance of this shop.

Before purchasing, check the features, Requirements and tariffs of this store. If the store has particular requirements for charging cashback, we publish this information on the store page. As they state, warned - means armed forces!

Cashback from purchases via mobile Apparatus is lost more often than from a computer. This is a result of how mobile versions of many stores do not include the special code required for fixing and monitoring the cashback. Out of your PC, make purchases if possible.

Replies for a legal entity: Cashback by orders, executed on a legal Entity in some cases may not be fixed or rejected.

Should you often lose the cacheback:

Tip # 1: Try to complete the sequence within 1 Hour after switching out of our service / triggering the cache from the extension, without going to third party pages and tabs. This will guard you from overwriting spouse links with other extensions and apps.

Tip # 2: Try using another browser for Purchases using a cashback. Install it only the extension out of LetyShops and don't go through this browser to other sites, except LetyShops and spouse shops where you create a purchase.

And clear cookies. To do this, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + the interval for which you need to clear history is "for all time."



Letyshops Lifetime Reviews

Letyshops Lifetime has been reviewed by several consumers who have availed their offers and discounts. Read genuine reviews and testimonials only from certified customers. These reviews help you build a quick opinion about Letyshops Lifetime. For a limited period, RETN Deals is rewarding verified reviewers with a cash reward of Rs. 10. You can review a maximum of 10 Stores in one day. Your reviews will be verified and approved within 24 hours and your cash reward added to your RETN Wallet.

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