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ABOUT THE LA ROCHE-POSAY BRAND By blending the uniqueness of this thermal spring water with the exclusive benefits and experience of specialists on skin that is ...

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By blending the uniqueness of this thermal spring water with the exclusive benefits and experience of specialists on skin that is sensitive, the La Roche-Posay dermatology lab initiated a partnership program between 25,000 dermatologists across the globe. Working together on exclusive clinical study, combining the experience of dermatologists, boosting education and accountable social position daily we enhance the lives of individuals with sensitive skin, moving together with the best experts.

Know needs - we find answers

Developed Based on healing recommendations, our epidermis Care products assist dermatologists reduce doses, prescribe therapy regimens as well as alleviate patients of a number of those unwanted effects brought on by treatment. The development of formulas which are ideally suited to dermatologists' tasks concerning efficacy, tolerability and decorative properties, which makes it feasible to set up a really professional relationship with doctors. These relationships are essential for each and every step in the creation of skincare products - by the definition of necessity to executing rigorous clinical trials.

In the meetings of our Brazilian and European committees 15 dermatologists from other nations collect - that opens up valuable opportunities for the exchange of expertise and talks. These discussions allow us to better understand the requirements of individuals with vulnerable and sensitive to pathologies skin, in addition to individuals who deal with them. The very best example of combining the advanced solutions of this La Roche-Posay dermatological lab with all the wisdom and expertise of practicing dermatologists would be your softening Lipikar Baume AP + body cream, perfect for the care of very dry skin and skin prone to atopy. This broker has shown its efficacy in reducing the frequency of strikes of atopic dermatitis in 1256 kids as part of an observational research in ten nations.

Together with Dermatologists we encourage social obligation

Based in 1995, is a true confirmation of our duties to the dermatological community. Every year, the Foundation allows young advisers and supports socially responsible initiatives geared toward enhancing the standard of life of individuals.

Our experience - at the support of professionals

"It all began 15 Years Back from Spain in the assembly This unprecedented alliance resulted in the development of their Residents' Course, a training program for young women, designed to boost consciousness concerning the development of new approaches to therapy and also the requirement to guard the skin of patients in sunlight.

This initiative, currently implemented in 18 countries, has set the tone for other numerous programs to support La Roche-Posay dermatologists in their daily activities. Continuous training programs, online courses, scientific publications, master classes on corrective make-up, schools for parents of children with atopic dermatitis, a program for free screening for skin cancer "Days of Melanoma" and the like - all these initiatives are aimed at ensuring that, together with the treating professionals day after day to improve the quality of life of people with sensitive or problem skin.

Sensitive skin: we listen to your sensations

People With sensitive or problem skin encounter special, personal experiences which could be tough to communicate in words. Experts of the dermatological lab of La Roche-Posay are convinced that this emotional aspect has to be taken into consideration so as to provide them an advanced and efficient alternative.

Not just symptoms are significant, but wellbeing

A research Sponsored by the dermatological lab of La Roche-Posay revealed that over 50 percent of women claim to have sensitive skin. The main reason for the exceptional sensitivity in the higher susceptibility of nerve endings as well as the lowering of the response threshold. This sensitivity could be expressed from clinical signs: redness, flushing, aggravation, etc... Redness, irritation, etc.. Given these attributes, the pros of La Roche-Posay daily resolve the issue of how to balance the potency of the medication and its tolerability in most formulas of skincare solutions.

Additionally To those symptoms, and that the dermatologist shows, the greater sensitivity of skin (in addition to atopy, rosacea, and acne) may result in considerable issues. We consider it improper to turn a blind eye to such conditions: it is imperative to respond to them and in handling the primary symptoms.

Recognizing the Benefits of measuring an individual's own impressions, pros of this dermatological laboratory La Roche-Posay made a decision to utilize a scientific method of research. For these functions, we've accommodated a patented benchmark methodology that's employed in several areas of medicine. We could trace the connection between clinical signs and negative things that affect the quality of lifestyle.

At different Phases in analyzing the standard of our skincare products, volunteers were requested to complete surveys that asked questions about their regular lifestyles and feelings: negative emotions, sleep disorders, issues with communication and socialization, and so forth. Assessing the outcomes in the start and at the close of the research, we managed to quantify the potency of our goods connected to the quality of life of sufferers. This unbelievable technique opens new opportunities for producing individual therapeutic applications which are more powerful and precise and much better suited to the demands of individuals with sensitive skin care - favorably influencing both clinical symptoms and the results of a mental character.

This is the principal component of our skincare solutions. The top European thermal dermatological center for individuals with sensitive and diminished skin receives 8000 people yearly. Each of them on private experience have positive, that renewable water La Roche-Posay significantly reduces screens of a psoriasis plus a psoriasis.

This Thermal water with exceptional healing properties has been the field of nine exclusive scientific researches in the dermatological lab of La Roche-Posay. Tests have shown new possibilities of the miracle of nature. Therefore, as an instance, research of thermal water enabled our scientists to create Aqua Posae Filiformis, a radical active chemical that positively impacts really dry skin vulnerable to atopy. We're convinced: that the renewable water hasn't revealed all its secrets yet!


Efficiency and security: In both of these phrases is your doctrine of creating our formulas - if patented inventions that day daily demonstrate the infinite wellbeing possibility of this thermal water of La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, or skincare products which have been the world standard in the area medical makeup. From the hunt for the perfect equilibrium between the epidermis tolerability of this medication and its best efficiency, we produce a product line with a special formula for choosing elements.

The craft of creating a Perfect formulation - in continuous upgrading

The Pros of this La Roche-Posay dermatological lab have two major tasks: Our goods should effectively fulfill the requirements of individuals with sensitive skin and also in precisely the exact same time guarantee optimal endurance, gently and affecting all skin types. This task could be hopeless without "people, workers of La Roche-Posay, who thanks to their ability and commitment can turn any technical struggle in to achievement," reminds us Muriel Bayer-Vanmoen, global director of the maturation of the skincare product line.

The production of a brand new skincare product is obviously a test and a challenge that mobilizes our development teams for nearly two years in the present time the active ingredient is chosen. At every phase of development, specialists are guided by three principles: cautious choice of first ingredients, higher concentration of the primary active chemical, modernization of this formulation on account of the best system of maintaining the components. During this phase of growth, the formulation undergoes draconian skin tolerability evaluations under normal conditions of usage. If, according to the outcome of those evaluations, tolerability of this formulation with sensitive skin isn't satisfactory (allergic reactions or distress are potential), the evolution starts with a clean slate.

With you on the best way to well-being

Along with carefully constructed effective products for Sensitive skin, La Roche-Posay provides master courses for those that are more prone to particular pathologies. In such classes, people learn how to comprehend their picture harmoniously, find out the corrective make-up technique and get ideas for the best way best to make their lifestyle more comfortable day daily.

To start with, we create skincare products with demonstrated efficacy and tolerability. Additionally, we're carrying out large-scale activities targeted at changing the life of women and men that are interested in a method to "negotiate" with their difficulty skin, for example some patients suffering from atopic dermatitis. Knowing the requirement, inventing answers:

1. Understanding the need, inventing solutions

The Philosophy of master-classes on corrective make-up, introduced by La Roche-Posay over 20 decades ago, now is to highlight the natural beauty of their face, so people forget about the skin imperfections.

2. We turn the application of cream into a children's game

Around the World, 80 colleges La Roche-Posay are all opened, where parents learn how to care for children with atopic dermatitis, and children start to perceive their illness more favorably and be more independent. .

3. Struggling with skin cancer

In 90 percent of Cases, skin cancer may be treated when the identification is timely. La Roche-Posay helps increase awareness of the disorder by coordinating the"Melanoma Day" event, where 30 countries run free moles check-ups for all comers.

Dermatologists and we

Cooperation with dermatologists doesn't end in the time of launch of our skincare solutions. Day after day via a broad network of health representatives, we gather information from individuals and their treating doctors in their experience of using our products. This course of action is essential so as to enlarge our expertise and develop more efficient means of skin care.


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