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About Us 28 decades of professional achievement! The group Of companies"KANT" includes the sports complex of the same name, 20 sports shops, the largest dealer...

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КАНТ Overview

About Us

28 decades of professional achievement!

The group Of companies"KANT" includes the sports complex of the same name, 20 sports shops, the largest dealer network in the nation, the Nagornaya ski holiday, the Alpine cuisine restaurant"Chalet", tennis courts, a fitness center, a trampoline complicated, a rental and service center.

Types of sports: mountain biking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking, roller skating and cycling.

The community of sport technical shops KANT distinguishes from the others the high professionalism of revenue consultants who have been trained and especially prepared for each collection of the new year, the chance to purchase in one place a complete assortment of correctly chosen outfits as well as the access to the greatest ski and snowboard gear in stores.

The largest dealer network in Russia

The Biggest dealer for ten years of work we've gathered under their banner the top manufacturers of sports equipment, which lets satisfying the needs of any user of different sports, tourism and recreation.

KANT is the exclusive distributor of the following world-known brands:

Asolo - high quality trekking shoes for amateurs and professionals.

Salewa - among the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for active sports and recreation in

The mountains, high-tech Clothes, tents, sleeping bags, climbing gear.

Maier - German quality and European clothes design.

Deuter is a top producer of backpacks and camping equipment.

Silvretta - the world leader in the manufacture of equipment for ski-touring.

Briko is one of the leaders in the development and production of sports optics.

Accapi - high-performance thermal underwear of unsurpassed quality - a comprehensive approach to the protection of the Human Body

Marpetti - cross-country ski of this European degree

Hartjes is your European maker of SNS ski boots, which produces them in Austria.

KANT also works closely

Representing these Brands, to date, KANT takes a top position among supply networks. KANT is the largest dealer network in the nation - 280 traders and 500 points of earnings.

Cooperating with the Wholesale department of KANT, you get unbeatable advantages in acquiring goods, finishing a transaction, getting acquainted with merchandise samples, obtaining technical support and services:

- Individual approach to every client in negotiating the terms of cooperation;

- Assistance in targeting a massive offer for sport and tourist equipment. For your advantage - on the acquisition of various forms of goods, you work with a single manager who will offer competent advice.

Discounts for bulk Orders are from 20% to 50% of their retail cost. Special prices are available for pre-order. The size of the reduction depends on the volume of the transaction. There is a system of accumulative discounts (sums of transactions made during the year are inserted, and the reduction develops).

The office, shop, Warehouse is located on precisely the exact same land, which reduces the time of formation, collection and shipping of this order. Additionally, at the request of their client, delivery of the packaged order to the transport business in Moscow is carried out.

Twice annually KANT conducts trader seminars, to which our partners are encouraged. In the seminar you can learn about new collections of the approaching season, chat, share experiences with colleagues and create a preliminary order.

Sports complex and ski School

So Far, the sport the slopes are covered with snow and are specially prepared by snow mobiles, all slopes are equipped with lifts and illuminated in the evening.

The sport complex "KANT" and the Ski school "Nagornaya" all year round behavior various activities and orderly classes with kids and adults. In the year the complex is visited by 500 000 people, more than 6 000 children and adults utilize the services of the ski school.

"Nagornaya" is a participant in the "Ski of Dreams" program, conducts charity plans for students of Moscow grooming schools, incl. Pensioners by age get a 50% reduction on the rise, and pensioners over 70 years old - 100%.

"Nagornaya", more than 20 big ski and snowboard competitions are held at summer time. In the warm season on the territory there are competitions from the areas of slalom on roller skates, OFP, downhill, sambo, and running.

On the land of the skiing complex are engaged in these sports: mountain biking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, roller skates, skateboards, skateboard, tennis, table tennis, mountain board, acrobatics on the table, jogging, cross-country, sambo.

KANT supports the evolution of Russian sports. Members of this KANT group "Nagornaya" in mountain ski take decoration places both independently and in team event. From the forces of the employees of the CC KANT in 2014 the running club Kant Course Running was organized.

To prolong the nice impressions and Memories of the winter holidays in the mountains, you can visit the Alpine cuisine restaurant "Chalet", situated on the land of the sport complex KANT.

Sour cuisine is only one pride of the restaurant. Bright corporate and friendly banquets, weddings, children's birthdays, stylish presentations and parties are held. From the "Chalet" there are joys of bard songs with the participation of these well-known performers as Timur Shaov and Alexander Gorodnitsky and many others. And in days of important matches, spontaneous fans collect at the projection screen. Generally, the people here are quite varied. Plus it unites its special "alpine" spirit, reigning in the foot of this mountain slope at a democratic and hospitable "Chalet".


From the spring of 2005, the group of companies Plant for the production of cross-country skiing of LK "Karjala".

KANT creates ski bindings, plain ski poles and running shoes compatible with The Marpetti brand, well-known to national clients of cross-country ski. This Merchandise is in demand, both for fans of ski excursions, and for athletes. This Year, KANT expands the range of ski products below the Marpetti brand, Preparing for the production of affordable and quality ointments and paraffins. Now, becoming a co-owner of the ski mill"Karjala", KANT intends to grow the lineup and the production of skis Marpetti.

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