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Adventure starts... At Rentalcars.com what we do is about providing you the Liberty to find more. We are going to move mountains to find one of the perfect renta...

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Rentalcars Overview

Adventure starts...

At Rentalcars.com what we do is about providing you the Liberty to find more. We are going to move mountains to find one of the perfect rental vehicles, and provide you with a smooth, hassle-free adventure from begin to finish. Here you can discover more about the way we operate.

What we are about?

We want to create leasing a car as easy and private as driving your own.

Renting a vehicle brings we are here to make leasing a car a whole lot less hassle.

1. We all know the support you get things

We utilize actual reviews, real Customer comments and our own expertise to guide you through your best choices.

2. We work with car hire firms all around the world

Local pros -- to deliver you the automobiles, deals and choices which produce the difference for your trip.

3. And we stay with you each step along the way

Our client group is here to Support you throughout your journey, wherever and whenever you require more assistance.

How we operate?

Ensuring you have A fantastic experience each time you rent a vehicle makes us joyful.

We're a broker, so we organize the car rental for your benefit. We utilize our large purchasing power to bring you excellent bargains. But we are far more than the usual price comparison website, because we remain with you each step along the way.

Lookup: You search our Website or our program For the vehicle that you would like

Compare: We reveal you the reviews and deals that you want to Assist You choose

Novel: You select the car you desire, add any extras you would enjoy -- such as Total Protection (our additional pay) or a vehicle seat -- and reserve

Select up your automobile: You simply take the coupon (on paper or in your own program), your charge card, Driving permit and passport to pick your car up

Have an excellent excursion: You push away and begin discovering...

Why use us?

Basically, because we bring you unbeatable value and reassurance during your rental vehicle journey.

We use most of our expertise -- and also the experiences of countless of our clients -- to deliver you the vehicle that you need and the standard of support you desire. Consistently at the very best cost. But do not take our word for this. Have a peek at what real men and women consider Rentalcars.com.

Who we're?

Our founders had the straightforward notion of needing to make renting Automobiles far better. And we have thrived because our clients love how we operate.

Four Decades later, we had been Making 1000 reservations each day.

Fast forward to now and we are making 8 million reservations a

Our incredible expansion is dependent upon our fantastic, varied group. Based in Manchester, our 1,200 colleagues hail from 65 countries: we have succeeded because we appeal to everybody, regardless of their sex, nationality, culture or language.

We are proud to become a part of the Major family of Internet travel Brands on the planet:

Since the planet's greatest online car rental provider, we will not be beaten on price.

The firms we Work with provide us lower costs because we organize so many leases. After we've covered our prices, we could still pass a saving to you.

In case you've detected a similar deal for less, we wish to understand!

Tell us, what, Tell us just how much they're charging -- and we'll match the purchase price.

Terms and Conditions:

The Cost match it doesn't apply to vehicles that have an “on-request" standing with Rentalcars.com or the operator to whom we're being compared. Rentalcars.com will have to confirm the stipulations of the alternate provide - after the price tag, providers & T&Cs are verified a part of our staff will contact you with an upgrade in your quotation. It's essential to be aware that like for such covers both the product and support. For instance if another cost be for a leasing off airport whereas Rentalcars.com's cost is on airport that this won't be considered like for like. Please notice price match requests are managed between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday - nonetheless requests can be filed anytime through the purchase price match type on the site.


Everything you want to enjoy your rental experience

A) The Gran Tour

Think you are too old for experience? Think again... These 3 grandmas out of Manchester show that age is only a few on the road trip of a life.

B) What does ‘free cancellation’ mean in car hire?

Many rental Companies boast ‘free delivery' but what that means can differ hugely. Discover if you can cancel and receive all of your money back, and if things are not so straightforward.

C) Diesel or gasoline car: How do I tell?

Not be advised whether it requires petrol or diesel. But getting it wrong in the pump may result in large issues. Discover how to get it done correctly.

From the Ago, diesel automobiles were easy to see: you can tell from the tractor-like noise of the motor!

However, the two kinds of engine continue to be entirely different. Besides draining the gas tank, a mechanic may have to wash or replace the whole fuel injection system, which may cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Your Automobile's Collision Damage Waiver surely won't pay the price, so unless you have got any excess coverage that covers'misfuelling', then you are going to need to foot the bill yourself.

Lease Companies often place stickers in various areas around the vehicle to inform you which fuel to use.

The First place you may see a decal is on the vehicle key. Or it may be about the dashboard, close to the gas gauge.

No fortune in both of these areas? Consider opening the small' doorway' within the gas cap to find out whether there is a sticker on the interior.

Should you cannot locate a tag anywhere, then it is time to search for one more clue.

There could be a hint on the rear of the automobile itself. Frequently, Cars which have diesel motors will have a 'D' from the version name.

Auto manufacturers utilize a great deal of model names, including'TDI',''HDi',''GTD',''dCi',''JTD' etc. If your auto has a badge such as this on the trunk with a'D', it is very likely to be a petrol automobile.

Not found any hints, you might be tempted to go right ahead and fill up. What you May Not know is that petrol pump nozzles are thicker than gasoline ones. Like you must force a petrol nozzle to the ‘gas', it might mean that the automobile uses gas.

But, placing a thinner gas nozzle into a gas car Is, regrettably, very simple. And, because gasoline does not have some lubricating Qualities (such as petrol does), putting petrol to a gas can be especially bad for mechanical elements like the gas pump.

Finally, if you are still Not Certain What fuel to use, it is better to speak to the leasing company -- until you fill up.

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