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About 9stacks You Perform Safe With Us. One poker table. Nine players. We're the best poker website in India, together with the Ideal User We think Poker shou...

9Stacks Poker
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9Stacks Poker Ratings & Reviews

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very much intrested in playing poker online , ill deal with currency transaction and surprised to see cash backs on it . well retn , keep up the work.

Austin Bart Certified Buyer 6 months ago

Really awesome platform. No words to describe how pleasant the UI is. It's hard to go on tilt when playing on such an amazing UI.
Nd the main attraction - cashouts; which takes hardly an hour!

alexa king Certified Buyer 5 months ago

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9Stacks Poker Overview

About 9stacks

You Perform Safe With Us.

One poker table. Nine players.

We're the best poker website in India, together with the Ideal User

We think Poker should function as go-to mind game for everybody.

Why 9stacks?

1.Fastest Withdrawals

We Guarantee that you receive your cash within two hours. It is your cash! 1 time KYC which may be accomplished anytime.

a) Users may make a request on line at any given stage to get a refund (also known as a withdrawal or cashout). But all money out requests will be processed just after deducting all of the allowable amounts according to the stipulations listed at https://www.9stacks.com/safe/tnc, or, according to the applicable legislation of different authorities in India.

b) A cash-out request will be approved subject to deposit system restrictions, bonus limitations and / or Security Reviews.

c) Neither prize cash nor equilibrium could be redeemed for any additional decoration nor is it moved. A cashout can simply be made into your bank account, not to some credit card / debit card wallet or another payment tool. A User may save one or more bank account inside their 9stacks player accounts, but every one of these must belong to User. A User can't ask a cashout to some other individual's bank accounts.

d) When a User shops fresh bank account details to your very first time, 9stacks will execute an automatic or manual confirmation of the stated details, along with the User consents to exactly the exact same.

e) Once an account is additional and confirmed, 9stacks tries to process each of cashout requests inside the shortest period possible. For the very first cashout request created by a User, this could be around two working days. For subsequent orders, since the user creates more cashouts and there's more playing background, this time could progressively decrease and would finally return to about 2 hours for automatic processing of those requests at which our system doesn't flag any unusual behavior. For cashout requests which are flagged for manual confirmation, it might take up to two working days to process exactly the same. Manual verification of trades would occur just on regular working days during normal working hours.

2. Loyalty Program

For the very first time, a Genuine benefits for our loyal clients.

In 9stacks, we’ve made our loyalty program "StackUp" into Be easy to use and really beneficial to you personally. As you collect StackUp points, you may be eligible for a plethora of advantages, such as salvation of StackUp points to Chips on your Poker Balance; entrance tickets; and a plethora of exclusive poker product. We will also add incentive Chips for a Poker Balance or benefit you with gifts each time you progress from 1 Tier to another!

You Earn StackUp points every time you do some of them:

  • Play money games to get any dividers
  • Play championships
  • Spend additional time on money tables

Enrolling up and moving upward tiers

When you join on 9stacks. Com, you're automatically registered in the StackUp program. Our system automatically computes your earned StackUp points as you perform refer buddies; you do not have to do anything particular. Each tier subsequently has multiple degrees inside.

3. Easiest Interface

We aim to provide the Smoothest most instinctive experience on almost any Indian OR global poker site & program.

Seamless Gaming Experience Anytime, Anywhere

4. Personal Balcony

We have made it super simple for you to play along with friends and family at your very own private & password table.

After decades of playing poker, we have understood that there are three types of poker players: those who can count, and people who cannot.

After decades of playing poker, we have recognized there are two types of poker games: people, who are played and people, which are played only for pleasure.

Those performed purely for pleasure are often held in people's homes, with a few chips and dips, loud music, sports around the display, along with a chilled drink in hand.

These are societal Events where everybody around the table understands each other, or at least is a friend of a friend and as the day goes on we are all buddies. (In contrast, poker matches played could occur at a gym, a poker tournament, or even in a friend's place, however there'll be people in the table you might not understand - and also may make no attempt to understand; your purpose is to leverage your own poker skills and increase your own pile.)

For your very first Time, 9stacks presents friendly personal tables to recreate that feeling of poker played with friends for pleasure. Basically, we have made it super simple for any user to make her or his personal dining table, to which entrance will be by invitation only!

5. New Player Heaven

Freeroll tournaments (free entrance), newbie tournaments and tables where seasoned players are frustrated.

Poker is by playing with it!

And to create that Simpler, we've got a 1 paisa “newbies" table at which you could play for about an hour to get a maximum spend of Rs. two approximately. (And keep in mind, we provide Rs.100 free to each participant up front, which means that you can spend many happy hours studying poker in your own pace!).

We also have "freeroll" tournaments where you could enter for zero charge, and the winner chooses some actual money as decoration. You can also get cash on your account by finishing your KYC or simply by filling in a simple questionnaire.

6.100% Legal

Fully compliant with All Indian legislation.

Fundamental Principles

9stacks is an art based online poker system and can be in full accordance with Indian regulations and laws.

Games are categorized into two groups:

Games of opportunity: The winner is decided entirely by mere luck, the outcome is completely uncertain and suspicious as well as a human being cannot apply his/her head to gauge the end result or his/her attempts to affect the outcome. Usually, such games should performed with real money are prohibited by law and are categorized as betting.

Games of ability: Games wherein the dominant function in the sport is exercised with the abilities you use to perform and the outcome is dependent upon comparative understanding, training, focus, expertise, or wisdom of the player. Usually, such games aren't deemed to constitute ‘gaming' and don't flout the laws forbidding gambling.

Games of Skill, as defined in the Indian Context

The Indian law clearly says that for a match to be regarded as a sport of skill, the variables affecting the outcomes ought to be predominantly dependent on the part of ability.

Accordingly, Games like Rummy, Chess, and Bridge are recognized by the judges in India as games of skill. Poker also, has been known as a sport of skill by numerous high courts in India.

The West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competitions Act of 1957 very clearly exclude Bridge, Poker, Rummy, and Nap from the definition of gambling or gambling.

Putting Reliance on exemption of this sport of poker in the definition of betting from West Bengal and conclusions of the Supreme Court of India, an individual can conclude that playing poker as well as other comparable card games to the legitimate types of consideration could be allowed on account of the obvious element of skill required with those matches.

The laws in the states of Odisha, Assam, Telangana, Sikkim and Nagaland however, state that playing card games and games like poker are to be deemed as a punishable offence.

9stacks Reserves the right to instantly debar any consumer registering the stage from Odisha, Assam, Telangana, Sikkim and Nagaland online detection, without previous notice and confiscate any winnings made on your accounts.

Is it legal to play online Poker on 9stacks?

At 9stacks we've taken several steps to make sure that we stay legal and all of the games we provide on the stage rely on ability used to play the sport by an individual.

The Property and are supported by legislations and judicial pronouncements.


9Stacks Poker Reviews

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