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OUR STORY We layout Energetic wear since we need our products to modify how you live, to alter how you believe, but above all, how that you are feeling about bec...

Have You Tried Our Active Core Stability Tights? -They flatten your tummy and re-define your curves. -They streamline your silhouette
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Lorna Jane Canada
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Lorna Jane Canada
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Lorna Jane Canada Overview


We layout Energetic wear since we need our products to modify how you live, to alter how you believe, but above all, how that you are feeling about becoming busy. We produce clothing that can go with you, sweat together with youbreathe along with you and stretch with you.
Lorna Jane Tights are made in various Styles and Fabric, which explains why a set of Tights is Sold every 60 minutes.

Our LJ ExcelTM Fabric was invented for Twenty-Eight decades, it's more Active Properties than every other Fabric and can be our Exclusive High Performance Fabric.
"We do not only sell Activewear, we promote an Active method of Life." She devised it.
Lorna started stitching work out wear for himself whilst employed as a fitness instructor in Brisbane Australia. What was originally a private frustration in the absence of un-inspiring workout clothing shortly led to girls in her classes queuing to put orders. This quickly turned into a fulltime occupation.

In the beginning Lorna's vision for your brand has long beyond simply producing an Activewear merchandise. It's Lorna's manner of life that always inspires the brand's Lively Living doctrine and everyday practice of Proceed, Nourish and Think. We look only for girls and our clothes are produced to feel like an expansion of YOU.

The three Lorna Jane brand icons signify the daily practice of Proceed, Nourish and Think - Transferring daily, Nourishing in the inside out and admits that anything's possible. They look on each Lorna Jane garment as a continuous reminder that Active Living is much more than simply words. Since we think it is about a whole lot more than simply feeling great in fresh Activewear -- once you wear Lorna Jane it is about feeling that your finest. On a quest to just inspire herself, Lorna Jane Clarkson - Lively Living Advocate, Business Leader, Fashion Designer & Writer - includes single handedly revolutionalised gym clothes, by producing the Active wear group for girls throughout the world.

The Lively Living doctrine is the way Lorna lives her lifeby shifting, nourishing and thinking daily - a practice which has developed into a worldwide movement. Lively Living makes being healthy and fit easy since it breaks down it into a daily exercise that anybody can fit into their hectic life -it is finally a change in mindset.

By shifting your body daily, providing your body The nutrition it must consider and function at it's finest and moving ahead in life with a positive mindset you'll see plenty of power and mindfulness, which is essential for long-term health and improved psychological health. We can decide to do anything, but not everything in life -- that is why it's important that you learn your priorities.

And"Am I spending my valuable time on what that actually matter -- what I appreciate the most? Or I'm living someone else's fantasies and priorities" Most of us have the capability to attain fantastic things with our lives and it starts with being healthy, healthy and optimistic. Occasionally we can eliminate motivation or wish to throw in the towel. However, the most important thing we can take is to get up again and continue.

You merely have to wake every morning with the aim to Transfer Nourish and Believe -- it might only be to MOVE slightly bit more than yesterdayby conducting 4km rather than 3km. NOURISH may be incorporating more vegetables and fruit to your daily diet.

BELIEVE might be something as straightforward as picking a more favorable prognosis, or as large as quitting your day job and after your dreams. By recognizing the significance of the 3 column's at the custom of MNB and focusing on these every day, you are going to begin to reside not just a more energetic life however, you are going to begin to attain more of those situations you need on your own and make a more positive potential.

MoveNourishBelieve.com is the house of Energetic Living, Consider it as your morning , your three-thirty pick up me, or your everyday catch-up along with your fitness-focused buddy. Bookmark it on your pc, tablet computer or smartphone. Why? Since daily in MoveNourishBelieve.comwe hope to encourage and inspire girls all around the planet, exactly like you, to develop Active Living to your daily life and finally keep you on path to achieving your dreams.

Move Nourish Believe Intends to nourish your mind and soul with learning and It Motivates you to make an wonderful life on your own by making every single second of Daily actually count!

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