1 ETH = $ 189.355945716.
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Change in last 7 days 2.68%
1 $ = ₹ 67.5
1 RETN = ₹ 6.75

How it works

Earn cashback on your online shopping with our site, here is how

Shop from hundreds of your favorite stores and earn cash back. Find new stores daily. Join now and start earning cashback!

1. Every new Sign up gets Rs.150 as a Sign up Bonus added to their RETN Wallet.

2. Every Time you use a coupon or a deal from RETN Deals, your transaction is automatically tracked, and the mentioned Cashback added to your Wallet as soon as the Store confirms it. The entire process is built over blockchain, immutable & Automatic. Confirmations from Stores take between 30 to 60 days depending on the store policies.

3. For every member that Signs up using your referral link, Rs.50 is added to your Wallet. This process too is immutable and automatic with no manual intervention.

1. The amount in your wallet can be easily redeemed into Cryptocurrency - RETN or ETH. Know how to Redeem here.

2. To be able to Redeem your RETN Wallet Balance, you need to fulfil following criteria:

1. Your minimum wallet balance should be Rs.2500

2. You should have done at least 1 transaction using your RETN Deals account. A transaction is using a coupon or a deal to make a purchase at any of the participating stores.

3. Your user profile is 100% complete.

4. A transaction is valid when it exceeds a minimum value of $1. Anything less than this is returned as 0 by the participating stores and will not make you eligible to withdraw.

3. Your referred friend’s bonus status remains pending until they too have completed 1 transaction successfully.

1. You will be able to see campaigns and offers for your own country.

2. Offers are of different types, like Email Submit, App Install, Surveys, Sweepstakes, and more.

3. Click “Earn Now” button of the Offer you like and complete the task.

4. The Offer provider will validate your task within max 48 hours.

5. The assured money will be automatically credited to your RETN Wallet.

6. If your money is not credited within 48 hours, then most likely the provider has not approved your task.

7. Your task and your account may get disqualified if you try to use a false identity, access other country deals via VPN, or any other fraudulent activity that may trigger suspicion.

8. The System Default Currency is Rs. which gets its live conversion rates from Global Exchange Feeds.

9. You can withdraw your accumulated Rs. into ETH ( Ether) or RETN, your choice.

1. You may voluntarily choose to delete your account provisioned as per GDPR regulations.

2. You can mark our email notifications as SPAM and the system will automatically delete your account.

3. You can use a spam bot to attempt to get fraudulent referral sign ups and the system will automatically delete your account.

4. Under no circumstances can a deleted account be revived as Retainly Technologies does not keep even a copy of their consumer data.

5. Any support ticket relating to account deletion will not be attended to.

6. Signing up with a bad email can result in bounce of our email notifications. System automatically deletes such accounts whose emails bounce back for any reason.